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Mr Akis Parpas

Mr Akis Parpas is a registered agent who has been working in the field of real estate for more than twenty years. His impeccable reputation among his colleagues and clients has been built on years of offering professional advice and services to everyone whom he deals with.

Mrs Georgia Parpa

Along with her husband Mr Akis Parpas, Mrs Georgia has a long list of clients who have been left satisfied with the services she has been providing in the field of real estate for more than twenty years.
What is noteworthy is that she has returning clients who also do not hesitate to refer her to other
clients since they are full aware of her professionalism.

Marios Petrides

Mr Marios Petrides

Mr Marios Petrides has an experience of over 7 years in the real estate field and is a key player on our team. Marios brings a deep understanding of the business and he is always ready to tackle any challenge. He is known for making a real difference with his dedication and willlingness. 

Mr Paris Zisimos

Paris Zisimos stands out as a stellar salesperson, characterized by exceptional charisma and ambition. His outstanding sales acumen and persuasive communication skills have consistently contributed to our team’s success. Paris possesses a remarkable ability to connect with clients, fostering strong and enduring relationships. Beyond his professional achievements, Paris’s ambitious spirit sets a motivating tone within the team, inspiring everyone to aim higher.

Mr Vasilis Parpas

Mr Vasilis Parpas, the managing director of the company can easily be described as the driving force behind all members of the team and the coordinator for the smooth completion of all transactions. Mr Vasilis’ vision for the future of the company ensures that nothing remains stagnant and that the company and its members are constantly evolving.

Georgios Mousoupetros

George Mousoupetros, our newest team member, brings a refreshing blend of humility and kindness to our workplace. His humble approach is a breath of fresh air, creating a welcoming environment for everyone. Despite being the newest addition, George has seamlessly integrated into the team, showcasing not only his professional competence but also his excellent interpersonal skills. 

Christina Kalli

Christina Kalli, our dedicated secretary, is the heartbeat of our office. As the driving force behind all initial client interactions, she ensures a warm and welcoming first contact experience. Her meticulous attention to detail extends to managing updates on our website, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Christina’s commitment and organizational prowess contribute significantly to our professional and client-centric approach.

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